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Richard Victor Mahee founded Mahvrick (his name backwards) and has been its Chief Operating Officer since May 2003. Mr. Mahee's role is operations and global strategic development. Mr. Mahee's core focus has been risk management, technology and strategic alliances. From 1990 to 2000, Mr. Mahee worked in a consulting capacity for several Wall Street private equity and investment firms, among them were Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Lehman Brothers and Fuji Bank. He started his career at JC Bradford working on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

In 2013, Mr. Mahee launched Mahvrick Global Ventures, which owns Mahvrick Networks, Local Newspaper Alliance and over 100 local US and International online newspapers. Richard raised the seed capital for Give Show on NBC which won a Day Time Children’s Emmy starring Blair Underwood and Jenna Bush Hager. Richard is also involved in financing “After the Gala,” a benefit event that takes place after the Academy Awards, and was instrumental in developing Unite4:Humanity that donated over $50 million to over 100 charitable organizations around the world.

Richard Victor Mahee has seed financed EMMY Award Winning television shows, Billboard Charting Hits and local newspapers, in addition to producing global fashion shows and charity events. Mahee (Mahvrick/M12) is an executive producer and venture capitalist in the apparel, music and television industries. Richard represents some of the most notable brands in their respective industries.

Mahee is also the founder of ARG Media (argmediallc.com) that was created to finance, produce and distribute content across all platforms of media including internet and television. ARG Media has recently sponsored numerous entertainment related projects and philanthropic efforts. It will continue to promote socially conscious business and global initiatives for good such as the Opioid Awareness Foundation, with planned projects across a wide range of platforms.

The Founder: Entrepreneur Film Television and Music Producer IMDB Profile

On October 4th, 2021, Mahvrick launched 12 million M12 Coins @$5/ which in its first two weeks amassed a $200 Million Dollar market cap and closed strategic ventures with 1 million (not crypto) currency holders in 175 countries. Mahvrick also operates a private investment group that is overseeing its synergistic ventures on public exchanges, Asia, Canada, Paris, US which have all started to explore the process for registration with Coinbase Binance and/or NASDQ.


Under the historical leadership of Mahvrick(M12) and Knightsbridge, the SOLAR-GOLD Crypto Coin was launched and open to the market on November 2021. Richard Mahee has registered the SOLAR-GOLD (SOLG) with Knightsbridge commercial currency group and, by so doing, established the SOLAR GOLD as a viable trading currency. Mahvrick(M12) also operates a private venture capital group that is overseeing its synergistic ventures on public exchanges in Asia, Canada and europe which have all started the process for registration with Binance, Kraken and/or Coinbase. Mahvrick(M12) is launching M1 exchange in December 2021 for its 12 cryptocurrencies. The exchange has international banking partners and has a sub-prime relationship under Knightsbridge.


M12 Telecom partnered with the Swifin Platform which is a financial inclusion platform for members. Regulated member institutions and Digital Financial Services Providers such as Banks, Microfinance Institutions, Credit Unions and Community Savings and Loans Organizations leverage the Swifin Platform to deliver real time payments and related merchant services for platform members in real time to drive financial inclusion and active participation in the modern global digital economy.

Swifin, as a Fintech company, has been chosen by the Economic Community of the 6th African Region (ECO-6) to deliver it's Lumi currency stimulus to beneficiaries across the African continent and the diaspora region. It is important to have a Swifin account because that is the only way you can benefit from the Lumi currency stimulus. Swifin is the only platform through which beneficiaries can access the lumi currency stimulus.

The LUMI is the first Global African Digital Currency to ever come out of Africa. The LUMI is an Authorized Currency of the Africa Financial Regulatory Authority (AFRA), which includes all 55 African member nations on Africa's continent who have signed on to the African Free Trade Agreement (AFTRA). The LUMI is crypto currency backed by 100 kilowatts of solar energy and 4 grams of gold. Presently, 1 LUMI is equal to $15.96 US dollars. In addition to being adopted as the Official Currency of the African Central Bank, the LUMI is now the Central Bank's Official Currency within the African Union, and has become the Official Currency of the United Kingdoms of Africa.